Why can't i open my chests on pokerstars?

Alana Lang asked a question: Why can't i open my chests on pokerstars?
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Here are some suggestions on how to open your Chests: Log out of your account, close our software, and try logging back in after a few minutes. Try using one of our different platforms (mobile app, or desktop software) if available and you haven't already tried.

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It is very simple. You need to download the VPN program on the play market, for your device, android, makos, windows, etc. download and that's it. In some countries, they block these shares, in ...

First one try to open through My stars if it does not help you can open it through the Poker Stars site. If it is negative just open the chat in your PS apps and ask the operator to open it ...

If you haven’t done this yet, or you’re having difficulty doing so, this is most likely an error with your device or internet connection, and is unlikely to be related to the PokerStars.net app. Contact the support associated with your device to address these issues. Checks to Make Before You Download the Pokerstars App

I think it's a good idea to calculate the EV of every chest by summing the product of probability x prize value for different prizes and chests and then comparing that to the reward points needed to open chests of different types.

Hi! I am making a skypvp server but players can't open chests. When they try to open chests it doesn't say anything. They can open [free] signs, anvils and crafting tables. in server.properties spawn protection is set to 0 in worldguard every region has these flags: use = allow; build = deny; pvp = deny; allow-shop = allow; interact = allow; chest-acces = allow

the game never loads in, i am stuck on the loading screen, it doesnt crash just doesnt load. im not sure if im banned because if i am i do not know why. please help i was quite enjoying the game then all of a sudden i cant play.

Of course, you can’t really do that if the table is full of varied player types, but online that isn’t often the case. The common denominator at PokerStars. At PokerStars in particular 6 or 7 of your opponents at a full cash table are going to be either tight-passive, tight-weak, or maybe tight-aggressive. The common denominator is tight.

I called my friends and they were all fine - I don't think any of them are on ATT. I finally connected to the ATT Uverse box and used the PING utility and the box itself was not able to PING the Pokerstars IP address. The IP is The only thing I can think of is that ATT is physically blocking access to the Pokerstars site.

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