Why do children with add pay attention to video games?

Doris Kessler asked a question: Why do children with add pay attention to video games?
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  • Attention is interest-based and driven by stimulation. Children with ADD are drawn to video games and screens in general precisely because they can focus on them; the games provide sufficient stimulation for a dopamine surge —a brain chemical involved in focus and reward pathways—and thus gaming may be considered “self-medicating.”


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⚡️ Do video games improve attention?

“Our results suggest that long-term experience of action real-time strategy games leads to improvements in temporal visual selective attention: the expert gamers had become more effective in distributing limited cognitive resources between successive visual targets,” says author Dr Tiejun Liu.

⚡️ Why are video games popular with children?

provide a fun and social form of entertainment. encourage teamwork and cooperation when played with others. make kids feel comfortable with technology—particularly important for girls, who don't use technology as much as boys. increase children's self-confidence and self-esteem as they master games.

⚡️ Good attention grabber for video games promoting violence?

start with an onamanapia ex:boom boom i hear the sound of video games eaves dropping on my brother.

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Does violent video games make violent children?

Video games make da violence becuz u guys lie to your parent about the rating so really your being violent and a lier to your parents and yourself!

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How do violent video games affect children?

Violent video games have a negative impact on the mind's of children, and teens. Generally, the viewer of the video game will have an urge to follow of copy what is happening in the video game. People are advised to follow the gereral ratings of the game (suggested by professionals). MW3, and Call of Duty are poor examples of violent video games. Both are rated M.

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How long do children play video games?

most kids spend about 2- 5 hrs a day

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How many children don't play video games?


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How many children play violent video games?

Way too many. The exact number couldn't be counted.

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Should children play video games or not?

  • It won't matter if children play violent video games or not, as long as they aren't crazy in the first place. If they are wise enough to not repeat violent acts, such as a 12 or 13 year old, then they should be allowed.

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What are worst video games for children?

The worst video games for children are violent video games because they teach the child playing the game to be violent and in some cases to make the child think that it is ok to be violent.

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Why are children playing violent video games?

It is difficult to know why children play violent video games. Reasons may include: because they want to, lack of parent involvement, gaming advertisements, siblings and peer pressure.

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Why are video games bad for children?

there not!

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Why are video games good for children?

Video games are fun.

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Can children get paid for playing video games?


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Do children play on video games too much?


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Do video games affect the behavior of children?

No they do not, video games help your child with stress and have a fun hobby to do instead of getting in trouble. but the only way it will help them is if the parents are supportive with the child.

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Do video games cause bad behavior in children?

No, studies have shown video games satisfy people's needs, however if your child is mentally unstable violent games may have negative effects on them.

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Do violent video games cause violence in children?

it depends on how mature they are

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Do violent video games discouarage violence in children?

they do but they dont they make you buff and handsome and make me laugh....... NO( THEY DO NOT!!!!!!!)

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Do violent video games provoke violence in children?


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How long do children spend playing video games?

As long as their parents permit them to.

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How many hours do children play video games?

Some sites usually say that children play video games about an hour a day.

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Should children be allowed to play video games?


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Are children more violent when playing violent video games?


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Can children buy m-rated video games in australia?

Yes, though there is a difference between M-rated games in North America and those in Australia. An M rating in Australia is a recommendation, and corresponds more to a T rating from the ESRB in America. Any video game that would be too inappropriate to sell to anyone under 15 is not sold in Australia at all.

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Do video games cause of bad behavior of children?

Studies have shown that violent video games can cause aggression in children. However, it's not the content of the video games that causes the aggression so much as the frustration over the difficulty of the games.

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