Why is pokemon games so poplar?

Kaylah Runte asked a question: Why is pokemon games so poplar?
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⚡️ Good pokemon games?

If your looking for a handheld Pokemon game its gotta be Pokemon diamond and pearl but if your looking for a console Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd for gamecube

⚡️ Free online pokemon games like pokemon-crater?

Try Pokemon indigo

⚡️ Can fake pokemon games trade to outher fake pokemon games?

Fake Pokemon Games Never Come Out To The Public. yes just as long as its a hacked version of a real game like Pokemon chaos black is a hacked version of fire red so it can still trade

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Because they're the best RPGs ever made.

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What is the best pokemon ever on pokemon games?

Personally I think Eevee is the best Pokemon ever because, it can evolve into seven different types of Eevee.

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What is the greatest starter pokemon throughout pokemon games?

There isn't one, it all about how you use them.

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Who illustrates all of the pokemon in pokemon games?

Ken Sugimori is the primary illustrator of Pokemon games. He is also one of the game designers.

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Are fake pokemon games fun?

yes because the fake Pokemon games give a great variety of fake Pokemon that you have not seen before. Plus the fake Pokemon games have different stories then the original games that is why i prefer hacked or fake Pokemon games better the the original games.

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Are pokemon games worth money?

It's no wonder that rare and classic games in the Pokemon franchise have accrued significant value over the years. These are the most expensive ones… More than that, as copies of the older games have become increasingly hard to come by, factory-sealed units are known to fetch a pretty penny on auction sites.

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Does psp have pokemon games?


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Pokemon card games for free?

The game, however, incorporates ample humour on apocalypse in places. The most interesting part is that backdrop of the game is an apocalypse. These are you best Pokemon games that you can download for free. With a little tweak here and there, these games are the best ways to live those Pokemon watching days all over again.

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Pokemon games for the wii?

yes there are there is battle revolution and you can play gamecube Pokemon games in the wii

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Pokemon online games for free?

Here are some games..... Pokemonindigo Pokemon black Pokemon volcano Pokemon world

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What is pokemon games gaming?

It is a good kind of virse.it gives the Pokemon exter ex points.if you keep it in your party eveyone in your party will catch it.you can get it from a wild Pokemon.

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What pokemon games have digglet?

It's Diglett not Digglet and I think in all the Pokemon games there's a Diglett xD

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What pokemon games have kyogre?

Kyogre is in Pokemon games emerald gen.3, ruby gen.3, sapphire gen.3, firered gen.3, leafgreen gen.3, diamond and pearl gen.4, platinum gen.4, heartgold gen.4, soulsilver gen.4, black gen.5, wight gen.5, black 2 gen.5, wight 2 gen.5,

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What pokemon games have stab?

All Pokemon games have STAB. It was introduced in Generation 1 and the system has remained unchanged since.

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Which pokemon games can trade?

  • Pokémon from Gen. II games can be traded to Gen. I games using the Time Capsule, which can be found on the 2nd floor of any Pokémon Center. Generation III games cannot trade with games from Generations I or II. This is due to the game mechanics being completely revamped in Gen. III games.

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Which pokemon games had lugia?

Pokemon: Everywhere You Can Catch Lugia In The Mainline Games

  1. 1 Pokemon Shield.
  2. 2 Pokemon Ultra Moon…
  3. 3 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire…
  4. 4 Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver…
  5. 5 Pokemon Emerald, FireRed & LeafGreen…
  6. 6 Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal…

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Is minecraft the most poplar game in the world?

One of them, yes.

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Are the pokemon games red and pokemon firered the same?

the sevii islands r not on red

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How many pokemon exist in all the pokemon games together?

There are 493 Pokemon in all.

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Are pokemon games ingame boy advance color games?

yes they are game boy advance games

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Are old pokemon games worth anything?

The old Game Boy cartridges for all of the old Pokemon games are still being sold for reasonable prices… Given most of these games are well over 10 year sold, and in some cases 20 years, finding brand new copies of them is rare.

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Are there any 3d pokemon games?

sort of... the games for DS have better graphics

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Are there any online pokemon games?

yes, there is Pokemon crater and Pokemon indigo

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Are there any pokemon games online?

Yes, there are Pokmon games available online. One of the best would have to be tppcrpg.com, which is free and allows you to do the same functions as the handheld version of Pokmon--catching, training, and battling, that is.

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