Why is there a 34.1' in 'adventure quest 34.1'?

Angel Gerlach asked a question: Why is there a 34.1' in 'adventure quest 34.1'?
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⚡️ Adventure quest or adventure quest worlds?

Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds are different in so many ways. AQ is an RPG, AQW is an MMORPG. AQ requires skill, AQW requires money (sadly true). AQW is mainly for people who arent good at other games so they just play AQW. And since there's pretty much no skill involved in AQW, its pretty much just a dress up game. So if you're 6-9 I reccomend AQW. if youre 10-14 I reccomend AQ.

⚡️ Is there codes for adventure quest worlds?

Oicu812 = Skullwrath sword Thirteen1 = Badger Helm Dragonkhan8234280 = dragon khan sword

⚡️ Is there secret codes in adventure quest?

If you mean Adventure Quest Worlds, yes. They are oicu812 , dragonkhan8234280 , and thirteen1. You can enter these in Battleon Town by talking to Valencia. They may add more codes later on.

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The "34.1" is what version of Adventure Quest it is, so as more updates to the game are introduced, this number becomes higher. The next time it is updated it could be 'Adventure Quest 34.2'. I hope that answers your question.

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Adventure quest cheat?

there are none

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Adventure quest glitches?

Look on youtube

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Adventure quest world?

The best MMRPG game Ever my opinion

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In adventure quest?

In Adventure Quest, you get the feel of a Role-Playing Game that is NOT first person, but is definitely a game that takes many years to finally get to the stage where you can say, "I beat the game!" Not many have reached this because Level 136 is the Guardian Level Cap, and some don't buy it, so Level 130 is the free player level cap, but it takes forever to get to level 130.

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Is there a dragon quest the adventure of dai?

  • Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険, Doragon Kuesuto: Dai no Daibōken, lit. Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Dai) is a Japanese manga based on the video game series Dragon Quest. The manga later spawned an anime series, the second one based on the Dragon Quest franchise after Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel.

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Is there a staff master emblem on adventure quest?

No, as it wouldn't have much use whatsoever. Mages/wizards alike use items to enhance spells, not their staves.

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Is there a third code in adventure quest worlds?

Not yet.....it will come out in the magazine of December 2011

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Is there an adventure quest url hack for gold?

Yes. javascirpt:("stop_hacking")

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Is there any adventure quest upgrade cards in australia?

Yes they are in shops or some bookstores, if there aren't jump out the window and kill yourself

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Will there be evolved class armors in adventure quest?


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Where is random adventure in adventure quest?

The "Battle Monsters" button in Battleon is the Random Adventure. the terror set quest is also random because the guy is weird. or on the map find terror set and go there.

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Adventure quest free account?

Yes, creating accounts to play Adventure Quest are free.

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Adventure quest reapers hideout?

First you need to die. Then when you see the grim reaper look for a faded hourglass. When you see the hourglass click on it and then you will end up in the grim reaper's hideout. Hope this helped^^

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Adventure quest upgrade cards?

Upgrade Cards (for dragonfable, mechquest, adventure quest). This page contains DragonFable, q&a, questions and answesr cheatsguru

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Adventure quest worlds dwakel?

Dwakel can be found at: /join dwakel

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Free adventure quest accounts?

Username: BattlerFightor Password: Adventure Quest

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Hacks for adventure quest?

Google "aq trainers". You'll get a lot of results.

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Harcks adventure quest world?

You mean hacks in adventure quest world, and sorry, I don't hack.

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Is adventure quest fun?

  • Adventure Quest is so fun, and acts as such a great tool for experiential learning, that parents, teachers, and other educators can use in-game benefits as a reward for such things as academic improvement, completion of chores, other countless other responsibilities.

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Is adventure quest pg?

no you can play it at any age without parental guidance

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Who created adventure quest?

AE (Artix Entertainment)

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Who invented adventure quest?

Artix Entertainment TM It was there first mmorpg (Massive Multiplayer onlline role playing game)

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