Would u rather card game?



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Which game would you play?! (would you rather)

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Would You Rather… is the game of crazy choices based on Justin & Dave's best-selling books. Create your own crazy dilemmas by putting together 2 cartoon cards, and then guess how others will answer. Guess correctly enough times, and you win!

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Would you rather?? board games with consequences / k-city family

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The Game. It’s super easy, read out “would you rather” questions, everyone secretly votes A or B, then after the big reveal the ones who vote in the minority are the WYRDOS (weirdos)! GAME INCLUDES: 100 “Would You Rather” question cards + 50 (A) answer cards + 50 (B) answer cards + Instructions.

OU. Have your bac with honors by cheating. Have your bac catch up without cheating. OU. Being in an elevator that could rotten egg and everyone knows that it was you who farted. Rotate in full family meal when there is no noise. OU. Have a hot potatoes in your mouth. Have the whole body smeared with honey.

Would you rather doubles as an excellent drinking game. The majority wins! Ask the first question, "Would you rather..." Everyone should either have two cards. Each of the two cards has the number 1 or two on them. Option one represents the first part of the question and option two the second part.

Players roll a six-sided die and there are only 10 spaces to the goal so games go very quickly. Typical choices on the cards include, "Would you rather lie naked in a bathtub full of live roaches or dive head first into a pool of tobacco spit?" The answer "neither" is NEVER allowed. Variant: The 2003 version of this game "Would You Rather?"

Would You Rather is outrageous, but perfectly suitable for young teens and traditional adults; Ideal for 3 or more players ages 12+. Easy, out of the box play; Includes 161 Question Cards, 8 Voting Cards, 4 Player Tokens, 1 Game Board, 1 Player Guide. New & Used (7) from $24.99 + $5.37 shipping.

Come and play our free would you rather game and discuss with your friends for a fun and shocking time. Below you will see two options. Depending on which category you select will dictate which type of questions you receive whilst viewing the site.

“would you rather” road trip game! Cut questions apart and put in a container of plastic baggie. To stave off the boredom on a long roadtrip, pull out one at a time

Would You Rather” is a great icebreaker game that’s easy to set up if you have at least 2 players. To start, a player must ask the question “Would you rather” and provide 2 scenarios. For example, they might say, “Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet?”.

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To play the Would You Rather game you need at least three players and a set of printed WYR questions or cards. See our printable would you rather cards to get your free set of WYR cards. Once you have a set of WYR question cards, you can follow these instructions to play the would you rather game: Turn the cards over. The text side should be hidden. Player one picks a card.

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Would you rather? filthy edition from spin master