Wu kung quest horseisle?

Ahmad Hammes asked a question: Wu kung quest horseisle?
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⚡️ Blue dragon quest horseisle?

Visit Helping-On-HorseIsle.webs.com for help with The Blue Dragons quest. Here is the direct link to the Blue Dragon's quest/treasure, http://helping-on-horseisle.webs.com/qt.htmHope this helps ;) Love The Helping-On-Horseisle team. xxx

⚡️ Horseisle quest help site?

Purple Pinto's Horse Isle Help and The Complete Guide To Horse Isle. The Unofficial Guide to Horse Isle is great too.

⚡️ Blue dagon's quest for horseisle?

http://www.freewebs.com/purplepinto/questsatoj.htm Go there. > Quests A to J > Scroll until you find it. It includes Pictures. :D

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Wu King is west of Jungle Temple #10 at the very bottam of Jungle Isle. Near a boulder. ChanMul~Brown Server.

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What dragon quest are there in horseisle?

The Yellow Dragon has a quest that requires you to find 7 ferns from the forest. Once you return with those, you can talk to her again and she'll give you another quest. You'll get a Ruby Necklace, 100qp and some yellow crystal shards. The Magenta Dragon asks you to find her egg. The Blue Dragon's quest is the hardest. You have to find five clues to find his treasure chest. You'll get a diamond necklace, 350qp and 50 blue crystal shards. -- Emagyn on Roan Server

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What site has every horseisle quest walkthrough?

The "Helping on HorseIsle site should be helpful. It is at the related link below.

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What quest on horseisle gets you the most quest points?

Candide's Golden Sheep Quest gives you 400 QP. So far, I think that's the most. HarryPotter Palomino

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What actors and actresses appeared in kung fu quest 3 - 2013?

The cast of Kung Fu Quest 3 - 2013 includes: Juju Chan as JuJu Chan Jerry Yeung as Jerry Yeung

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How do i do spider's quest on horseisle?

You need 25 scorpions for this quest, you can find them in the desert. Talk to the spider on Dust Isle (see Related Links section below for isle directions, you have to register though), she is on the skull near the cacti. Give the spider the 25 scorpions to complete this simple quest!

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How do i start ormand's horseisle quiz quest?

Just check out horseisle-help.ucoz.com Has about 99% of the quests and many helpful hints. Love it! I don't know what i would've done without it.

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How do you do jaynes quest on horseisle?

Head to the blackened tree on the right side of town and talk to Fluffy. He will give you the hat for three carrots. Then give Jayne his hat back.

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How do you do lennys quest on horseisle?

First go to Lenny and talk to him. Then go to appleton and talk to the rock shop owner. YOU WILL NEED : 10 chunks of copper ore. Give those to him and he will give you the valve. Take it back to Lenny. Congratulations you have completed Lenny's brass valve quest. You earned 2 rubies and 50 quest points.

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What are some websites with horseisle quest help?

Check the related link section for links to the help guides.

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What is the best horseisle help quest site?

www.helponhorseisle.weebly.com is a really good site for horse isle help lol

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What quest gives the most money for horseisle?

The quest that gives you the most money in HorseIsle is Grey Slate's Gaudy Crown. It can give up to 50,000 points.

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Where do you start pucks quest on horseisle?

on saddle isle just after you've crossed the bridge from rider under the willow tree

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Where is the alati's invention quest on horseisle?

Sandy Meadows in Desert Isle

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Where is the duck sculpture quest on horseisle?

The Duck Sculpture quest is on cloud isle. Talk to the Ugly Duckling.

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Where is the eaglet's dinner quest on horseisle?

Eaglet's Dinner is opened after doing Annabelle's Nest quest. Go back and talk to Annabelle to begin this one. Remember: Annabelle is not mappable in the library. If you can't remember where she is or are having problems finding her, try using the wiki answers question about it.

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How do you do annika's lost hat horseisle quest?

if that's the one where you have to rake on the shore you are actually supposed to dig on the end of the bridge

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How do you do omands creature quest on horseisle?

Use binoculars until you find Omand. Keep going south until you find Francis the cat who will ask for items to make a disguise and leave by going to the 18 other decks.

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How do you do pig rescue quest on horseisle?

Start by talking to the first pig, followed by the second and the third. The reward is 25 points and $2000.

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How do you start the trolls quest on horseisle?

To begin this quest talk to the Big Troll on Rider isle, the Big Troll is located on the far northeastern corner of Rider Isle in the middle of the bridge. -LoveToDance Dun Server

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In horseisle where do you start robinson's fruit quest?

On the small grass patch at the southern tip of Vine Isle.

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What quest on horseisle gets you the most money?

I dont know exactly what quest makes the most, but look for quests that give you 100 or more quest points and they usually pay well.

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Where does more monkey business quest on horseisle start?

Look for a monkey on Vine Isle in the southern most patch of jungle

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Can anyone help with cheshires missing body quest on horseisle?

Cheshire is located east of Repunzal's place, near a tree. Talk to Cheshire and he will tell you his body is missing, and will send you to the Isle it's on. His body will be around a north tree, then bring it back to him.

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