Year hunger games takes place?

Timmothy Gorczany asked a question: Year hunger games takes place?
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⚡️ What year does the hunger games take place?


⚡️ What is the name of the country in which the hunger games takes place?


⚡️ When do hunger games take place?

The time period is not specified in The Hunger Games , but it can be assumed to be sometime after the 21st Century. From existing information, it is known that the Games themselves have been going on for seventy-four years at the start of the first novel, and the Capitol...

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It is never said, but it takes place in the future.

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What time did the hunger games take place?

in the future not sure exactly what time but in the future

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When did the hunger games mockingjay take place?

  • Mockingjay is a 2010 science fiction novel by American author Suzanne Collins. It is the last installment of The Hunger Games, following 2008's The Hunger Games and 2009's Catching Fire. The book continues the story of Katniss Everdeen, who agrees to unify the districts of Panem in a rebellion against the tyrannical Capitol.

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Where does the hunger games story take place?

In Panem, possibly where North America is now.

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Why must they have this place hunger games?

The Hunger Games are held by the Capitol as a reminder to the districts of their rebellion and how badly it ended for them.

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Is the hunger games for 11 year olds?

  • Everybody needs to relax as this is what America could become and it's not too violent. The Hunger Games gives something to think about and a positive message to preteens and teens. For mature 11 year olds and all 12 year olds and up.

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What year did annie win the hunger games?

she didn't get selected to be in the hunger games. But finnick did :)

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What year did finnik win the hunger games?

first of all you spelled finnicks name wrong and it was the 64th hunger games

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What year did haymitch win the hunger games?

hunger games characters games catching fire

Haymitch Abernathy. Haymitch Abernathy is a 'paunchy, alcohol-loving, handsome middle-aged man' who won the 50th Hunger Games (the Second Quarter Quell) 24 years before the events of the first book.

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What year hunger games happen in the book?

From days of research i found out that the hunger games take place close to 2120

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What year is the book the hunger games?

Well, The Hunger Games book has come out in around 2008 and The Hunger Games movie comes out March 23, 2012. ;)

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What takes place during the 3 ceremonies at the olympic games?

your mumma

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In what town did the hunger games take place?

There aren't towns in The Hunger Games, only Districts which act as States or Countys, Panem is the country and the capital of Panem is The Capitol.

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What number hunger games is going to take place?

The prequel novel will take place 64 years before the start of the trilogy and our introduction to Katniss Everdeen. It will begin on the morning of the reaping of the 10th Hunger Games.

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What place did rue get in the hunger games?

She didn't really get a place.....she got impaled

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When and where did the hunger games take place?

The Hunger Games takes place in a post apocolyptic North America. It is set primarily in the United States in an unspecified year, though we are told it is the future.

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When and where does the hunger games take place?

the Hunger Games takes place in Panem, which is where the united States is right now, but this is way in the future in about 100 years.

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When does the book the hunger games take place?

  • Set 64 years before The Hunger Games events, it tells the story of the 'Dark Days' which led to the failed rebellion in Panem. Collins stated that the book would explore the 10 years after the end of the war where the people of Panem try to get back on their feet and figure out how to go on within their new reality.

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Where does the movie the hunger games take place?

  • By the time the film adaptation of The Hunger Games was released in 2012, the publisher had reported over 26 million Hunger Games trilogy books in print, including movie tie-in books. The Hunger Games universe is a dystopia set in Panem, a North American country consisting of the wealthy Capitol and 12 districts in varying states of poverty.

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What year is the hunger games set in yahoo?

What time period is The Hunger Games set in?

  • The Hunger Games trilogy takes place in an unspecified future time, in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, located in North America. The country consists of a wealthy Capitol city, located in the Rocky Mountains , surrounded by twelve (originally thirteen) poorer districts ruled by the Capitol.

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Is the hunger games a really a place or magical?

They are neither real nor magical. The Hunger Games series is science fiction.

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What is the time and place of the hunger games?

  • time and place written · Connecticut, United States, in the mid- to late-2000s narrator · Katniss Everdeen narrates The Hunger Games as the events of the novel occur. point of view · The story is told in the first person and recounts the narrator’s personal history and experiences.

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When did chapter 3 take place in the hunger games?

Chapter 3 in the Hunger games is taken place in the justice building in district 12 after Katniss has voulnteered for Prim at the reaping and Peeta Mellark has been chosen the peacekeepers take them there to say bye to friends and family.

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When does the climax take place in the hunger games?

when the tension of the game rises

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Where does the book catching fire take place hunger games?

Well the hunger games and catching fire are set in the same place, except the arena in catching fire is different

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Where does the end of the hunger games take place?

It takes place on the train right before they get onto the station where the press is.

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