You are under 13 are the final fantasy games right for you?

Margarett Will asked a question: You are under 13 are the final fantasy games right for you?
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⚡️ Any games like final fantasy?

look for tri ace games, like valkyrie profile or end of eternity

⚡️ How many final fantasy games?

At the moment there are 14 final fantasy games and those are the main series. There are a some spinoffs, sequels, Chocobo series, the Crystal chronicles and Etc. I suggest playing them if you are a fan of RPG's or Final Fantasy, itself.

⚡️ What are games like final fantasy?

These types of games are called role-playing games, in which you take control of an already existing character, or make your own, and change that character's attributes/abilities by progressing through the game. You usually have the ability to alter the outcome of the game based on your actions.

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Final Fantasy games revolve around story, so if you're good at English, then yes. I'd say Final Fantasy is right for you.

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Is there any final fantasy games for ps3?

Final Fantasy XIII and XIV. Also you can download Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, and Tactics from the PlayStation Store

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What final fantasy games featured something called ragnarok?

In Final Fantasy VIII, the spaceship was called Ragnarok.

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What is the order of final fantasy games?

Um.. the order goes like the roman numbers really..

Final Fantasy I # Final Fantasy II # Final Fantasy III # Final

Fantasy IV # Final Fantasy V # Final Fantasy VI # Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VII * Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


  • Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis (Prequel)
  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (Prequel)
  1. Final Fantasy IX
  2. Final Fantasy X * Final Fantasy X-2 (Sequel)
  3. Final Fantasy XI
  4. Final Fantasy XII
  5. Final Fantasy XIII (Yet to come) There are also the Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Dissidia which is still unreleased. However, Final Fantasy games are not connected.. I mean the plots and characters are different, aside from the compilations and Dissidia that is. I'd recommend for you to look it up in wikipedia.. it gives better information than me.

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Which final fantasy games are for the psp?

PSP Final Fantasy Games:Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIDissidia: Final FantasyFinal Fantasy IIFinal Fantasy: Tactics

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Final fantasy card game online?

Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss | FF Trading Card Game. FF Trading Card Game.

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Final fantasy trading card game?

Something went wrong, sorry about that... is your email address valid?

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Do you have to play final fantasy card games?

  • Playing them is usually always optional; the only exception is the card tournament in Final Fantasy IX, but the player does not need to win in order to proceed. The games can be divided roughly for two categories: card games designed solely for Final Fantasy, and real world card games adapted to a Final Fantasy theme.

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How many final fantasy games have cloud in them?

Cloud Strife is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. He also appears in other games in the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, the Kingdom Hearts series, Dissidia, and other spin-offs.

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How many games are in final fantasy including spin?

There are 14 game versions in Final Fantasy. Including 17 spin offs, there would be a total of 31.

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What are all the final fantasy games for ds?

There are a number of games, these are the ones I am aware of- Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo Tales Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimore of the Rift Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings There is a sequel to FFCCRoF scheduled for release in 2009; 'Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time'

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What are all the final fantasy games for psp?

Here they are: Final Fantasy (20th anniversary remake) Final Fantasy II (20th anniversary remake) Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSN only) Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Dissidia Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Final Fantasy VII (PSN only) Final Fantasy VIII (PSN only) Final Fantasy IV Complete Final Fantasy V (PSN only) Final Fantasy VI (PSN only) Also, the following have not yet been released: Final Fantasy Agito XIII

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What are all the final fantasy games in order?

Timeline of release years1987 -- Final Fantasy1988 -- Final Fantasy II1989 -1990 -- Final Fantasy III1991 -- Final Fantasy IV1992 -- Final Fantasy V1993 -1994 -- Final Fantasy VI1995 -1996 -1997 -- Final Fantasy VII1998 -1999 -- Final Fantasy VIII2000 -- Final Fantasy IX2001 -- Final Fantasy X2002 -- Final Fantasy XI2003 -2004 -2005 -2006 -- Final Fantasy XII2007 -2008 -2009 -- Final Fantasy XIII2010 -- Final Fantasy XIVhere u go umm got this time line from

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What final fantasy games can you play on vita?

  • you can play tactics: war of the lions, 1 - 10-2 on Vita. that includes all the ff's in between, and dissidia / dissidia 012. you can also play these games all on PS3 too. 10/ 10-2 also has save swapping via cloud so you can transfer your save back and forth between the PS3 version and the vita version.

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Which final fantasy games are originally for the playstation?

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX.

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Which playstation system are the final fantasy games for?

The Final Fantasy games can be played on PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PSP

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Who does the art for the final fantasy games?

Tetsuya Nomura has worked on/drawn the characters for Final Fantasy (and Kingdom Hearts, as well as many other games).

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Will there be any new final fantasy vii games?

The only new Final Fantasy VII game that I've been hearing about is the (supposed) Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS3. Square Enix won't say much on the subject.

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What final fantasy game has cecil?

Cecil is in Final Fantasy 4, and FF4: The After Years. He is also in Dissidia.

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Which final fantasy game has tifa?

Tifa Lockhart appears in Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

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How many final fantasy games are there for the psp?

Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dissidia. Soon to come Dissidia Duodecim

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What are all the final fantasy games for nintendo ds?

=well i dont know all of them but i will tell you some of them ==final fantasy III(3)==final fantasy IV(4)==final fantasy XII revenant wings==final fantasy crystal chronicles rings of fate==final fantasy tactics A2==well that is all i know and i hope this help you=

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How to play final fantasy card game?

Being a trading card game, you must gather cards to battle using decks of 50 cards. You can make decks using any cards from Chapter 1 all the way to the latest or even just cards from Chapter 9 on. Battle with various characters! A real thrill of FF-TCG is how characters from various products in the Final Fantasy series appear together.

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Is final fantasy advent children a game?

No, Advent Children is a CGI movie based after the original Final Fantasy VII game.

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