You get games for a ipod nano?

Barrett Grant asked a question: You get games for a ipod nano?
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⚡️ Best ipod nano 4th generation games?

The ipod nano 4g comes with 3 games-Maze,Vortex and Klondike.In my opinion the best game is Maze.You rotate your ipod and try to get a ball in a hole.For more info go to ipod nano 4g games and then select "Apple iPod nano 4G MP3 Player Review - Everything USB".

⚡️ Does the ipod nano have games?


⚡️ Will ipod touch games work on the ipod nano?

No. go to "ipod games under itunes

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Where can i download ipod nano 5d games?

in ipod where you download game

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Where can you get ipod nano games for free for your ipod?


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Can you get games on ipod nano 6th generation?

  • Does iPod nano 6th gen have games? So not only can you watch video on the nano’s 2-inch screen, you can also play video games. Three games come with the iPod nano: iQuiz, a multiple choice quiz game; Vortex, a 3-D brick-bashing game; and Klondike, the classic solitaire card game. Can I still buy an iPod Nano?

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Can you get games on your ipod nano 7g?


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How do you load games onto an ipod nano?

you go to a website that you want games from,download the game and then copy the file into your itunes in the games section

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How do you put games on your ipod nano?


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Which games work on the ipod nano 3rd generation?

Pretty much just itune's games. I have searched for free games but there's no use. It will always say it doesnt work.

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How do you add games in ipod nano downloaded in torrent and which format of game ipod nano needs?


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Can an ipod nano play games and surf the web?

You can play games on the ipod nano but i don't think you can surf the web.

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Can you get games on the ipod nano 6th gen?


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How do you put games on ipod nano without buying?

You have to buy the game to put it on your iPod Nano.

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What games can you buy for the original ipod nano?

You can't buy new games on the original iPod nano...but you start with a few games.

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Does the new ipod nano have minecraft?

sorry nano doesnt have any proper games

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Can you get other apps on your ipod nano then games?

The iPod Nano cannot run apps.

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Can you play games and movies on an ipod nano 2010?

I don't knowmif you can play movies, but you can play games. If you get the IPod Touch, you can play games, watch videos and tv, check the weather, stocks, and much, much more.

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How do you get ipod games for free for your nano?

i have looked every place for free ipod games but can't find any except the ones that cost on itunes in apps then ipod click wheel games but these games only work on 5th gen and ipod classic

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Where can a person go to download free ipod nano games?

The iPod Nano has a large number of free games that are downloadable, but they can be quite difficult to find. The Zynga developer's site has some free games on it. As does the Gameloft site. Miniclip Studios has some free games on it and so does Game Evil.

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Can you play minecraft on an ipod nano?

NO u can't because apple cant be botherd to make it for the starnds

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Where do you go on itunes for games for the ipod nano?

The iPod Nano does not play games or any other apps.

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How do you find games for the ipod nano in the app store?

iTunes App Store has 2 different categories of games. The majority of their games are for the iPod touch. But if your iPod has a clickwheel (the scrolling wheel), then you need to go to the section of the iTunes app store that has clickwheel games and it will tell you which generation and model of iPod will be allowed to use the games

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