You have ps2 dvd can you convert it in pc games?

Emelia Smitham asked a question: You have ps2 dvd can you convert it in pc games?
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⚡️ Convert playstation games to xbox games?

it is simple impossible Games are not converted they are designed to be exclusively used for the system they are designed for. A console or PC would have too be changed to play a game with an emulator program, not that you could run one on a Xbox to play games for a Playstation, but a PC could run different emulator programs that would let it play Playstation and Xbox games.

⚡️ Ps2 games convert to pc games?

Not without an emulator and not every title can play with available emulators like PCSX2. They convert the PC to Play the PS2 game downloaded files with the PS2 bios and do not convert the games to play on a PC. The difference being that the games software is not rewritten to play on the PC like a game that has been designed to play on the PC that also has a version designed to play on the PS2

⚡️ Can you convert pc games to ps2 games?

No games are not converted you can convert the platform or PC with emulation, but not the game.No PS2 games are software designed to run in the PS2 and the PC games software is not designed for the PS2s operation or hardware

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How do you convert n64 games to gamecube?

That is impossible. You can use an emulator on your PC to play n64 roms though.

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How do you convert ps1 games to computer?

Games are not converted. What you do is get a emulator program to make your PC run the PS1 game like a Playstation. The game's software does not change you add software to your computer to allow it to play the game like a Playstation

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How do you convert ps1 games to iso?

You need to use clone CD

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How to convert ps2 games to pkg files?

  • Developer xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx, has been updating his tools to convert your PS2 games into PKG files called PS2 Classics. His tools are very simple to use, all you will need to do is backup your PS2 games you own into ISO format then use the ps2 classic program and it will do all the heavy lifting for you.

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Are there any softwares that convert ps2 games to pc games?

No the software that exists converts the PC to run on the PS2 bios and does not convert the games.

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Can a 3d tv convert xbox games into 3d?

"No" Actually yes it can, as long as your tv can convert 2d-3d.

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Can you convert a ps3 to play ps2 games?

ps3 games

If you have a PS3 model that is backwards compatible, you can play your PS2 games just as you would play your PS3 games… If you have a modded PS3, you can use it to play any PS2 game, even if your model doesn't normally support it.

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Can you convert playstation 1 games to playstation 2?

No. Even if the title can be played on a PS2 it is still a PS1 game and is not converted to PS2 because it can still play on a PS1 you can play playstation one games on the ps2 and you can play ps2 games on a ps1 .i known because i have done this before

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How do i convert ps4 disc games to digital?

Simply put the disc in your PS4, select the option to convert the game into a digital version. The PS4 installs the game onto your HDD, links the game and disc to your PSN account, making the disc only playable if your PSN account is logged in (with the ability to remove the disc authentication for a fee).

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How do you convert ps2 games into pc compatible?

Games can not be converted. You can convert your PC to play PS2 games or other games with an emulator like the PS2 emulator PCSX2 that also requires a PS2 bios downloads only legally obtainable from your personal PS2. The PC will not be as easy to use playing the PS2 games and requires expert computer skills and knowledge. see related link for the Official English PCSX2 configuration guide v0.9.7

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How do you convert xbox games to xbox 360?

play them on your new system

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How can i convert your ps2 to play ps3 games?

You can not download any quick fix to have a PS3 play PS2 games.

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How do i convert my xbox 360 games to xbox one?

Select digital games for Xbox 360 and the original Xbox work on Xbox One. The ones you own will appear in the Ready to Install section of your games & apps. Select the game to install it. For disc-based games, insert the disc.

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How do i convert nintendo wii games from ntsc to pal?

the program is called wiiregionfree google is your friend

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How do you convert ps3 games to play on a psp?

You can't, PS3 Games are too powerful

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Is there a way to inexpensively copy and convert video games?

Yes but it is illegal. Buy a mod and search for someone to install it.Google search from the below. Wiikey (if you have a wii) Xbox mod chip (if you have a Xbox) Xbox 360 mod chip (if you have a Xbox360) if you have other consle prouducts just type in the name and then mod chip.

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Does games games have virus?

some of the games

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How do you convert psp games to ebootpbp without any custom firmware you have 6.31 ofw and cannoyt play iso games your psp is 1002?

You shouldn't need to do that, just insert the UMD and it should play fine. Official firmware anti-piracy software stops unauthorised .iso and .pbp files being played from the memory stick anyway.

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Is there a way to convert ps2 games to play on hard drive?

Convert the PS2 disc into an .ISO file using Nero or similar, a NTSC-DVD-RW Drive, and a functional PS2 Mod to play it.1) Get a copy of Nero from Playing PlayStation or PS2 Games on a PC: There are MANY fake PS2 Mods that are viruses because they know people want a PS2 Mod. There are few working, real apps that let you play PS2 on your Computer.-BUT-PS1 emulation can be done by a] downloading EPSX from a torrent website. Bios is usually included in the torrent.-OR- is a good emulator as well, not requiring torrent download or a torrent client- just a download. **** To Do This You Must (OBVIOUSLY) First *****Choose the game, make a copy, start the PS2 emulator and load the copy on the computer:Procedure: Put the PS2 CD in a DVD-RW with CD-XA and use Nero to burn an .ISO and load the Emulator up and access the .ISO CD and you're playing.--Its complex, requires specific expensive drives and is lots of work! --

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Does droid have games?

yes any android has games

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