Your ipod touch will not let you download some games?

Lourdes Bartoletti asked a question: Your ipod touch will not let you download some games?
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⚡️ How do you download your ipod touch games to your friends ipod?

Games are supplied for your personal use. You are not allowed to share them with anyone else.

⚡️ How do you download games into your ipod touch?

Wi-Fi: Connect to a wireless connection> Touch the app store app.> Then the app store is up! PC (personal Computer): Download and install iTunes> go to store and click on the app store.

⚡️ How do you download games on your ipod touch?

You can download Games at the iTunes App Store.

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Take to app store

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How do you download games to an ipod touch?

go to the app store

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Where can you download free games for ipod touch?

You can download free games from the App Store or through iTunes.

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What are some scary maze games for the ipod touch?

The three best scary maze games released for the iPod Touch are (in no specific order) Scary Maze Game Free, The Scary Maze Game, and Scary Maze Game (Prank)

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Are ipod touch games expansive?

Depends on what you want, some are free, some are cheap, some are expensive. Most games are free or range from $0.99 to $4.99

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Is it possible to download your own video games onto an ipod touch?

yes i use E.M. Youtube video download tool

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What games can you play on your ipod touch?

almost any app in the app store

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Do you have to download games on the ipod touch?

You dont HAVE to download games, but if you want them, yes you have to download them from the itunes store. It is not possible to transfer games from another iPod Touch onto yours.

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Does it cost to download games for the ipod touch?

Some games are free, some games you have to pay for.

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Download free games to ipod touch without using app store?


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Are most ipod touch games free?

Not all of them are.Most games have a Lite version though. Games from big and trusted companies(e.g EA Sports,Gameloft,Big Fish Games etc) usually cost money.

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Do games come on ipod touch?

No. iPod Touch out of the box has nothing on it. No music, video, pictures, or games. However, there are tons of free and payed games in the itunes Store to choose from and it wont take you long to be gaming away!

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Fun games for the ipod touch?

Some fun games for your iPod touch r waterslides and txt apps

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Why does your ipod not download games?

all apple iPod should be able to download games. even an iPod nano. if your are experiencing problems downloading games, especially if you have an itouch, you should either try restarting your device, calling the apple company for help or going to your nearest electronics store for some help

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Can you play games on your ipod touch without internet?

yes you can but requires internet to get the games from the app store. so internet isnt needed to play games no.

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How do you downlad free games on your ipod touch?

you can get quiet a lot of free games from the app store but there are to many to name so i will give you this one app that is free and it searches for free apps and games and limited time offer on them that make them free. the app is called 'free app tracker'

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What software do you have to download to your 1g ipod touch to download games from itunes?

you have to upgrade the iOS to 2.2 or above

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Can you download games for an ipod touch that are free?

Yes, but some cost money. You can buy them on the Apple Stiore ( App Store)

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How many games can you download on ipod touch 8 gb?

It all depends on what size of games your playing.

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Can you download poker stars on ipod touch?

Download the PokerStars Mobile Poker App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, plus a range King Kong Cash Slots Online of content and utility Apps. Pick up everything from playing cards to iPads!We’ve added new winter Themed avatars to help you chill around the tableUpdate now and start earning great rewards!

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How do you transfer games from your ipod touch to your pc?

Plug in your iPod into your PC/Laptop and open iTunes and click the sync button in the iPod section of iTunes and after a few minuets they will be stored on your computer

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Can the ipad support ipod touch games?

Yes, the iPad supports iPod touch games.

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Is there games already on ipod touch?

No there are no games already in the Ipod touch, you have to go to app store and buy them.

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What games are on an ipod touch?

you can download it from the apps store.

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What games are on the ipod touch?

There are thousands of games in many different categories available to ipod touch. Head on to itunes and check out the available games. However, most of them do cost money but a small portion of them are free.

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