Your modern warfare 2 game is taking ages to get a game on xbox live?

Oda Hand asked a question: Your modern warfare 2 game is taking ages to get a game on xbox live?
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⚡️ How do you host a game on modern warfare 2 xbox live?

You can't choose to host it. the game decides host based on connections.

⚡️ Is modern warfare a good game?

Yea it is!!!! Buy it!

⚡️ Does the xbox 360 modern warfare 2 edition play xbox games?

it doesn't make a deference from the MW2 addition to the regular one, both can play certain types of original xbox games.

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If it takes ages to get into an online game on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 such as a Team Deathmatch or Groundwar, it is because the Infinity Ward servers are filled with people all around the world trying to connect to CoDMW2 matches. The servers are slow because of this which is why it takes ages getting into a match. I hope this solved your wandering. :)

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Is their a modern warfare game for playstation 2?

No the last Call of Duty series game for the PS2 was Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts

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Will modern warfare 2 be the best game out?


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How many total game modes does modern warfare 2 have?

there are 14 plus 1 more if u have a PC it is called global thermonuclear war.

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Is modern warfare for the wii a 2 player game?

Modern Warfare for the Wii is Modern Warfare Reflex Edition and you have to look for that edition for information. It has fewer features and does not support split screen multiplayer

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What game is better black ops or modern warfare 2?

Black ops is better

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What game is better killzone 2 or modern warfare 2?

modern warefare 2 is probally the best fps ever made way better than killzone 2

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When starting a new game on modern warfare two does it erase your multiplayer stats?

Let's say I have 10th Prestige in Multiplayer. If I want to start a completely new Campaign by going to the Campaign mode (inbetween Spec Ops and Multiplayer), and push the button 'New Game', would that erase my tenth prestige data and/or any other stats such as kills?

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Where could you get free call of duty 4 modern warfare game for your pc?

there is a way of getting it free its call torrentting ygo to and type free call of duty4 download Go to instead

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What call of duty game do you get after modern warfare?

World at war was the next release, but you could also get Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2 and on November 8 2011 Modern Warfare 3

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Which game is better resident evil 5 or modern warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2

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Once you have installed cod modern warfare 2 onto your xbox 360 hard drive can you play the game without the disc?

yes you can play the game without the disc

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How to make a minecraft modern warfare mod?

  • Vic’s Modern-Warfare mod requires Forge Mod Loader and Minecraft 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4. Attachment Mode: Press ‘M’ to enter attachment mode. To add attachments, you must have the attachments in your inventory. Further instructions will be displayed on your game. Press the ‘UP’ arrow key to change sights/scopes.

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How to reload mags in minecraft modern warfare?

  • Well, to reload mags in VMW mod, at least you can do some deeds as follow: You need to hit “R” to load the gun with the proper magazine in your inventory. You need to hit “U” to unload a magazine currently loaded into the gun.

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What is the order of modern warfare games?

Call Of Duty 1, 2 the big red one, 3, 4 modern warfare, 5 world at war, 6 modern warfare 2, 7 black ops :)

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Does assassins creed 2 have a longer game than modern warfare 2?

yes it has a much longer gameMW2 has a very good online gameplay

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What are the release dates for in the game modern warfare - 2010?

In the Game Modern Warfare - 2010 was released on: US 15 July 2010

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Which video game is better modern warfare 2 or red dead redemption?

The answer here is completely dependent on your game style, but I would say Red Dead Redemption.

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Does the modern warfare 3 wireless headset with bluetooth work on any game?

Yes I think it probably does. It probably just says MW3 on it.

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How can i get in a modern warfare 2 game faster on xboxlive?

It really depends on your internet connection & how many other people are playing, so getting a faster one or playing when less people are on could help

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Is minecraft better than call of duty modern warfare 3?


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What games can a 2gb graphics card run modern warfare?

Gamers with Turing-based GeForce GTX 16-Series and GeForce RTX 20-Series graphics cards can improve Modern Warfare performance by enabling NVIDIA Adaptive Shading. This cunning tech adjusts the shading rate of pixels on the fly, and is particularly beneficial in dark areas, of which there are many in Modern Warfare ’s campaign and multiplayer modes.

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Live poker note taking apps?

Poker Notes Live is an excellent note-taking tool that comes loaded with a number of advanced features, including: Real table simulation: Select the number of players, your seat position, and the...

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Is call of duty modern warfare 2 the greatest shooting game of all time?

If you have it sell it and never buy it again it fails horribly it sucks for an fps.

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